Making Disciples in All of Life

Making Disciples in All of Life

** Editors Note: This article was originally written for the BUV Blog**

The night was warm enough to be outside and cool enough to keep the fire stoked in the fire pit. As we sat around the fire, licking the last of the pavlova off our fingers, listening to the laughs and chatter of our kids as they slowly moved into the house to play indoors, we settled down to ponder the question I had just asked our group.

“We need to consider how we can eat with and bless those in our neighbourhood that don’t know Christ, but we need to consider how we are going to do this together as a community. Mission was never meant to be done alone.”

We remembered the words of Jesus in John 13:34By this they will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

“If discipleship is following Jesus in everyday life and teaching others to do the same,” I said, borrowing from Jeff Vanderstelt, “then it goes without saying that we need to be actively involved in one another’s day to day lives in order to make disciples in everyday life.”

We were quiet as we sat around the fire. It could have been that we had a mouth full of hot chocolate but it was more likely that we were all in deep thought about the challenge we had just put before ourselves. Continue reading “Making Disciples in All of Life”